A Purposeful Post Redux

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

I’ve poked at keeping my thoughts online for not less than ten years, and through some tumultuous happenings, I’ve been bumped off the turnip wagon a fair number of times.  I’ve been debating preserving my old writings from older versions of my site, or just starting anew.  On the one hand, it provides me (and you) with a record of my old thoughts.  And my old writing styles (shudder).  On the other, there’s something to be said for an entirely fresh start.  I will have to continue to mull it over.

In the by and by, I want to talk about chickens instead.  Largely because I’ve been obsessed with them.  Almost as obsessed as I’ve been with okra.  Did you know that there is a gene among certain breeds of chicken that causes hyperpigmentation of the wee feathered things, the end result being an entirely black bird?  A few months ago, I learned of such a thing, and of course that suggested a story.  It always suggests a story.  So.  Black chickens.  A hen yard.  And a witch.  More than one witch.  And that’s all I’ve got to say about that…  mainly because I’m sitting on the idea like a broody hen, trying to hatch it.  I’m still not sure which way it’s growing.

If you are interested, one such breed is the Ayam Cemani.  Silkies and Kadaknaths also have this trait (though silkies are more often known to be white little poof-balls).  Bodies.  Even bird bodies.  They’re just weird.

(Incidentally, I decided to preserve the old blogs.  Expect the posts from 2016 & early 2017 one by one as transfer the markdown files individually)

A Theory of Energy

You may have noticed that my “About” page no longer states that I update Thursdays and Sundays. An even better sign of what’s afoot is the fact that I’ve followed through with this change, and have only been updating in Thursdays. The reason is simple. I haven’t had enough energy. 

Energy is a limited resource. Now, I’m not talking about some airy-fairy notion of crystals or magick or etheric vibrations, but instead the hard concepts if time, focus, and the all important fuel, glucose. The stuff your brain burns directly whenever you make a decision or work on a problem. No, I haven’t had enough of that stuff lately.

And I could tell you about all the things that have attached wicks to my little ball of wax, brightly consuming all my parrafin: the paring down of my stuff, the getting ready for a move that might not happen, the fighting off of inner demons, the climbing out of wells… but going into greater depth feels like it would just be an excuse.

I don’t need to make an excuse. I need to monitor what I’m spending energy on. I need to be careful with my focus, and gentle with myself. I need address the needs at hand, which are to work at my craft and make sure I’m at a certain level of okay-ness.

Which brings me to the real heart of the issue: how do you divert your energy? Because every day, I see the signs of people around me becoming less and less well due to how they focus their efforts, spending far too much time on things which are social “obligations” or unreasonable standards they’ve set for themselves, and not nourishing their creativity, not nourishing their bodies, and trying to simply power through their days because they somehow “should.” Instead, breathe. Eat. Tuck away unplanned time. Take an hour just to daydream. Take a nap. You can’t live your whole life in fight or flight readiness if you want it to be longer than short.

In other words, spend some of your energy on you. That’s a piece of advice it’s about time I took to heart.

Lit Bit: User Error Is Not a Technical Difficulty

I didn’t post my Lit Bit last Sunday, though it was finished. I had thought I’d had it all ready to go, posting scheduled and everything set. Nope. I forgot to hit the “publish” button when I saved it and set the schedule. Silly bird.

Instead, I will save it for next post, but give you this timely writing-related announcement! My short story, “Suburban Pixies,” is set for publication in Daily Science Fiction on Tuesday, July 3rd! That means if you are subscribed to DSF (it’s free), it will arrive in your inbox on July 3rd. If you are not subscribed, you will be able to see it one week later, on July 10th, when it goes live on their website.

Now that my egregious failure in simple internet usage has been exposed and addressed, I will now return you to the regularly scheduled posting routine.

Lit Bit Sundays: Installment the First

I’ve been wanting to write more about writing.  Part of this is stems from a healthy dose of self-analysis, but a larger part of this comes of a desire to share my love and passion for words by dissecting them, rolling around in them, and holding up the real gems I’ve come across.  I want to set Sundays aside (it’s somebody’s day of rest, yeah?) to talk craft, analysis, to workshop, and to recommend good stuff.  I want your recommendations, thoughts, and critiques in return.  While the rest of the blog is made of tall tales, memoir, and personal essay— all that stuff that gets composted into creative non-fiction— once a week I want to take out my toy trucks and Transformers and play with you.  Caveat: I get first dibs on the Xena action figures.

Next week, I want to talk poetry, and people’s introductions to it.  After that?  Well, what do you want to talk about?

Dots on the Horizon

They’re getting closer. These goals of mine. I’m working on a poetry chapbook to release in a month. I’m scared I will do nothing with it, that it will sit there unsold when I release it digitally. But then I stop and think, wait a second, wait a second… that doesn’t matter. This is an adventure. I’m going to learn something here. Then I get really excited. I’m really pretty damned excited.