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Illustration by Sara Rase

Story Boyle sits back and ponders if she ought to do this the traditional way, typing about herself in the third person, dispensing biographical tidbits widely considered pertinent to her perspective.  For instance, that she was born in New England, but moved to Florida as a teenager.  That she considers herself a creature of no place.  Or every place.  Or of mountains and deserts, but mostly the ocean.  She likes the ocean.  That she graduated from New College of Florida these many years ago, taking with her a brain full of studies in anthropology, poetry, and performance.  That she’s an associate member of the SFWA.  That four of the most important things to her are coffee, cats, cigars, and cityscapes.  Or that she drinks that coffee black and is a hopeless liar.  But then she thinks better of it, just before realizing it’s a little too late.

this Blog
In keeping with a strict policy of ordered chaos, The Space Between is update once a week on Thursdays, at no particular time, for your essay-reading enjoyment.  Because Thursdays were getting lonely.

Series such as “Lit Bit” and “Effing Love Poems” post on Sundays, while they are ongoing.  “Lit Bit Sundays” ran from November of 2011 through July of 2012. “Effing Love Poems” is ongoing, and will finish when the love poems run out.

If you spot a typo, please let me know; I like to correct these things.

 If you’d like to trace my breadcrumb trail into the forest, I can be found and followed on Twitter (@StoryBoyle), or you can poke my YouTube channel with a stick.  I can’t say the channel will actually respond to being poked with a stick, but you may be able to knock over your computer screen that way.