Same As It Ever Was

I checked the calendar when I rolled over in my bed this morning, fumbling with the shape of the phone in my hand.  November 14th.  Been married five days.  Filed the paperwork two days ago.  I don’t think you need me to tell you, but it felt in no way different from the days leading up to it… except that we were no longer in the process of planning a fantastical pageant rife with unicorn skulls, rainbows, genderfuck, and peacock feathers.  The only real difference I noticed was the annoying increase in people attempting to address me as “Mrs.”  I’m not “Mrs.”  I’m “Ms.”  Same as I was before.

In fact, the one thing that doesn’t conform to the same old same old is the paperwork trickling in bearing his new last name.  The last name I’ve always had, but now the one he shares.  The desk clerks were kind at the social security office, and with federal paperwork in hand, I’m sure the DMV will be a breeze.

It makes me wonder, for all this sameness, for all this carrying on as normal, why is it such a travesty in some people’s eyes for certain couples to get married?  If the idea of marriage is to create a legally defined union in order to more easily accomplish certain (mostly economic, some important social) goals, then I fail to see why certain individuals should be barred from it.  It would make more sense to dissolve the idea of marriage altogether and do away with corporations while we’re at it.

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