DIY Procrastination Fix

It’s totally the environment.  With everything in boxes, and no clear space, how can I ever sit down to write?  I would totally go to the coffee shop, but I’m so broke.  I can’t find the notebook I started to write my novel in long-hand after the Great Computer Crash of 2013, so I can’t work on that.  My head’s not in the right space for short stories, I can’t write those.  And I believe in Big Foot, too.

Excuses seem to be everyone’s favorite craft project.  They’re easy to make.  Instead of listening to my own hype, I decided that another DIY project was in order.  I set one of the kitchen stools in front of the counter.  I cleared off just enough space to fit my computer.  I plugged the fucker in and turned it on.  I took some white glue, knowing my jeans were already slated for the sewing scrap bin, and I smeared the seat with the sticky pale stuff.  Then I plunked my ass down to write.

Uncomfortable physical reminder of the task at hand acquired, achievement unlocked!  But I want to tell you something— it worked.  Two hours of text, fifteen minutes of clean up.  Today’s score is Story : 1, Procrastination : 0.

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