Effing Love Poems: Spring Could Not Love You Better

I love you cold.
I love you like a river
loves the stones that
make its bed,
laughing chill as ice 
in the sunlight, cutting
deeper through the years.
I love you
as visibly as the cloud 
of December’s breath hangs
in air, and as implacably as
the north wind that tears
down the last of autumn’s leaves.
Now that the fever is gone,
now that the fire
has crept out along
the edges, leaving embers, then ashes,
and then your sure
solidity in the corners,
I love you like a coal
I can touch.
I love you
like the foundations of things.
Layers down in the dirt
below the sun-warmed
soil, down where the earth
is cool and the roots
snake out to hidden things—
I love you cold as winter,
naked as the trees.

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