Though It Might Not Be Windy Then…

It’s windy today. Two weeks ago, I trawled the thrift store and found a kite. Two control lines, a stunt kite shaped like a caret, to insert itself in the sky.

It’s windy today. I opened the kite packaging the day I found it. The fiberglass connectors were all there, the spools for the line, all of it. Primary colors plus green. A happy kite. I bought it.

It’s windy today, but last week I was in Tallahassee, and there are so few open spaces to go fly a kite. It would have taken up too much room on the bus, anyway. So I left it at home while I dashed across the state.

It’s windy today, and I suppose I could have taken my kite along with me to work, stored it in the break room while I fixed gidgets and wizmos until I was free by order of the clock. But I didn’t. I didn’t even take a lunch.

It’s windy today. It’s windy and warm, with a crisp kiss to the air. I want to be up in the air. I could have sent my kite up in my stead, but I’m sitting at a coffee shop table typing, itching for sky.

It’s windy today. Maybe I’ll take the kite out tomorrow.

That’s how I miss all the good stuff.

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