Lit Bit: User Error Is Not a Technical Difficulty

I didn’t post my Lit Bit last Sunday, though it was finished. I had thought I’d had it all ready to go, posting scheduled and everything set. Nope. I forgot to hit the “publish” button when I saved it and set the schedule. Silly bird.

Instead, I will save it for next post, but give you this timely writing-related announcement! My short story, “Suburban Pixies,” is set for publication in Daily Science Fiction on Tuesday, July 3rd! That means if you are subscribed to DSF (it’s free), it will arrive in your inbox on July 3rd. If you are not subscribed, you will be able to see it one week later, on July 10th, when it goes live on their website.

Now that my egregious failure in simple internet usage has been exposed and addressed, I will now return you to the regularly scheduled posting routine.

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