Lit Bit: Sex Doesn’t Even Rate

We give so much credence to sex.  Sex and love, sure. We want these things, ache for these things, sometimes.  But the real stuff of humanity, the glue that holds us all together, is food and stories. 

We make community in the kitchen cooking meals, swapping jokes, unwinding our days like a skein of yarn.  Our threads tangle us all together as we take dinner, refabricating moments lived and weaving lovely lies for each other’s entertainment. 

And sure, many of the stories are about sex.  Or romantic love.  And we compare good food to orgasms.  But the bread that sustains us is this kneading of our fractured days into a narrative arc. The meat of our daily rituals consists of the social taking of food, so that we may converse, so we may tell tales.

We are the stories that we eat.

2 thoughts on “Lit Bit: Sex Doesn’t Even Rate”

  1. Oh my dear…just like there is a great difference between a book and a classic novel…so too is there a difference between sex and great sex.
    Great sex is like the book masterfully written that does not just stimulate your mind but tease your loin to cry…again.


  2. And while great sex is an amazing thing, and it's luscious and ecstatic and yummy, it doesn't sustain a person. Food and stories are needs; sex is dessert. 🙂


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