Lit Bit: Working Relationships

A tool is only as good as its fit to the use one has for it.  This is why I have resolved to keep my laptop at all times by my bedside, or on my bed in the empty hollow next to my body, so I can curl against it like a lover in the night, open its lid and wake it from its dreams to write.  That’s why I resolved to make difficult my access to all the web browsers on it, and install every word processor known to Linux or otherwise, Open Office, MS Office run through WINE, perhaps doing the same with Scrivener.  Just to keep all of them at my fingertips.  A tool just to write.  Devoted and unadulterated.

The research could remain a different process, could be kept compartmental, but I needed a the same kind of platform that had helped me with my thesis: a writing box.  Unidirectional.  In only.  So I can finish instead of picking a text to bits like a raven with carrion hanging from its bill.

I know this is not what most people would do in my situation.  I know that what I’m proposing may sound cold, unlovely, and just plain uninviting to potential lovers… but bear in mind, at this point in my life, taking any lovers to bed with me would be cheating on my wife: I’m married to narrative fiction (don’t ask why she’s gendered female; I don’t know).

I do know, though, that no one else but my laptop and sweet narratives will put up with me at 3 in the morning, when I wake with dragon breath, a distinct lack of hangover, and words spewing from my mouth like flame.

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