Lit Bit Sundays: Installment the First

I’ve been wanting to write more about writing.  Part of this is stems from a healthy dose of self-analysis, but a larger part of this comes of a desire to share my love and passion for words by dissecting them, rolling around in them, and holding up the real gems I’ve come across.  I want to set Sundays aside (it’s somebody’s day of rest, yeah?) to talk craft, analysis, to workshop, and to recommend good stuff.  I want your recommendations, thoughts, and critiques in return.  While the rest of the blog is made of tall tales, memoir, and personal essay— all that stuff that gets composted into creative non-fiction— once a week I want to take out my toy trucks and Transformers and play with you.  Caveat: I get first dibs on the Xena action figures.

Next week, I want to talk poetry, and people’s introductions to it.  After that?  Well, what do you want to talk about?

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