Last week was a week of recovery for me, a sorting of self. I had meant to post here, but then found myself taking solace in aloneness. It was a needed thing. I am better for it.

That leaves the fact that I missed a week of posting. I have done this in the past, and previously just let the week slip. I do not believe I will be doing that anymore. I think there is greater value in “making up” the posts I missed. With only one post a week, I don’t think this task will be difficult. From this time onward, every time I miss a post, you can expect two the next week.

Also, the editing bug has been gnawing at me. I want to comb through old posts and correct grammar and spelling where I carelessly misused them. To that end, I will do so, because with most of the posts here, timeliness was not the issue, but instead my concerns are flow, cadence, and idea. Misspellings trip up a person in creative pieces like these. It seems dishonest, though, at least in the medium of a blog, to correct such errors after the fact. I am going to compromise. I am going to correct, but I will include an end note which names the type of correction and the date of the correction. No serious edits will occur, only typos will be fixed thus. Previously, I snuck them in when they really REALLY got to bothering me.

As it stands, then, expect a little more later in the week. I have a post to make up.

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