I do not like Fox News. It stares at me while I work spouting outrageous things (Karl Rove calling Maureen Dowd “deranged,” for instance, or suggesting that the MBTA crash was somehow linked to the driver’s status as trans). Nevermind that Fox News’ anchors appear always as cartoony, over-the-top, exaggerated in their opinions and indignation over the news. Unlike what I term “real news,” Fox always strives to present an opinion. There is no deciding on their network, unless you count the decisions of the network executives to encourage a particular view, leaving the audience at home with only one “reasonable” conclusion to draw from the presentation, and their reporting leaves much to be desired, contrary to their current slogan.

There are things that I expect from this network. Things at which I roll my eyes, things I critique heavily. Sometimes there are things that go too far. Yesterday, less than 24 hours ago, I stood gaping at the screen as news unfolded of a shooting at the Holocaust Museum in D.C. Shaken bodily by the event, my mouth hanging open, I was unprepared for Shepard Smith’s take on the hatred:

This from the network the parades around Bill O’Reilly, fanning flames and calling a murdered man “Dr. Killer?” This from the network that suggested Gwen Ifill wouldn’t be a fair moderator for the VP debate last year because she is a black woman? From a network that trades in slinging about trans and homophobia, racism, and sympathy for murderers who kill in the name of life, to crown Fox News as righteous, innocent, and indignant of their prime viewer base* as an attempt to paint themselves reasonable during a tragedy makes me sick. I was broken in my heart and soul to learn of yesterday’s events at the Holocaust Museum, but this bid at righteousness on the part of a news network that has only worked to fan the flames… I have no more words.

*Forgive me, but this is an inference based upon Shepard Smith’s claim that emails like the one he read on air form a representative sample of all those received.

2 thoughts on “Audacity”

  1. Wow.They spend all that time defending themselves AS a crisis is breaking?Way to have their priorities out of line.And they clearly don't understand that truth isn't necessarily objective,as they have shown numerous times before,since they call someone else's opion wrong and so on.Any fifth-grade pretend-news project should know the difference between fact and opinion.I've always thought a lot of their viewership comes from people who watch it to get mad,ironically.Their ratings don't necessarily constitute support for their opinions,which they shouldn't be spouting anyway on the public airwaves(a friend and I had this conversation recently about the obligation of a news source to be objective and whether it's valid or not).


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