Seeds in the Cracks Between Sidewalk Slabs

I’ve fallen behind again in posting. I’ve fallen behind again, and I’m not sure why. I’ve had an itch, an urge away from the internet, a desire to sit out under the sky, to rake my fingers through the dirt. I’ve been composting. Ideas and kitchen scraps, yard waste and the words of friends. What do you do with it all? You wait for the worms to do their work. You fall away for a time, awaiting a fall that never quite comes in Florida. More rain, more storms. There are no brightly colored leaves, unless you count the purples of the tropical garden plants, unnamed imported varieties, and not verdant because there is no “verde” about them. They do not look edible. I do not know if they compost well. After the heavy work is done (managing stacks of grass clippings and massive palm fronds, arranging words into phrases to mine later) there will be foot dragging and lemonade. Perhaps coffee. I’ll drink it hot even on a summer’s day.

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