Stories, Ghosts

Never the first to wonder at these things, never the first to voice it. The school year has come to an end. There is a week and a day standing between myself and graduation, and I feel as though I’m in limbo. This is the way I’m told everyone feels after a great effort has been put forth, and then there is nothing left to do. I also feel as though my institution of higher learning has already pushed me aside. I get a little cruise about Sarasota Bay and to walk across the stage in a costume of my own choosing instead of a funny black sheet… and I get to leave my status as student. I don’t have a right to this space anymore, and there is a priveledge about to be revoked. I’m here as an employee, to have a sense of dignity and I must comport myself in a particular manner. I’ll have a certain kind of status as an alum, but right now, I’m a ghost, in between, no longer quite a student, and not yet something else. This place has already said its goodbyes to me. What do I have to say in return?

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